General provisions The Regulation defines the rules of cooperation with the printing house Mdruk Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. seated at ul. Jagiellońska 82, 03-301 Warszawa NIP [Tax Identification Number] 113-28-63-885REGON [Enterprise ID]140634070 Bank Pekao S.A. Account no. 08 1240 6292 1111 0010 5050 0755 hereinafter referred to as "the Printing House" or "MDRUK". The Printing House website is: The used terms in the Internet printing shop are defined by separate regulations available on the "SHOP" website tab, on website The regulations specifies: the use of the services offered by the Printing House, the responsibilities, the rules on orders and the contract conclusion, rules for the preparation of materials for printing and orders execution, the terms of payment, delivery and complaints. Orders and contract conclusion Orders can be submitted only in the form of a completed and signed application available for download at provided directly or sent by post or scanned in PDF or other popular format sent to the following address: or transmitted by fax, number 0048 22/811 21 40. Contract conclusion is at the time of confirmation receipt by the Orderer of the order sent by the Printing House. When ordering, the Orderer agrees to submit the required documents and provide all data in the form order. It is a condition of the contract conclusion. The required documents are the copies of the following documents: REGON, NIP, KRS. This applies only to the first order submitted by the Orderer. Orders must be signed by a person authorized to represent the Orderer. If the Customer orders by a proxy (or a representative), including the employee or the co-worker of the Orderer, the proof of the power of attorney (or a representative) should be accompanied by the order unless it has been submitted previously. If the power of attorney (or the representative) is cancelled or amended, Miller Druk need to be notified about the fact immediately in writing. Materials for printing. The Printing House is not responsible for the content of the work submitted by the Customer. If the materials contain illegal content, MDRUK may refuse to print them. The Printing House does not correct the content of the materials submitted by the Customer. Materials submitted for printing should be prepared in accordance with the terms of the "PREPARING TO PRINT" on the website The Printing House is not responsible for the wrongly-prepared or not in accordance with the specifications and materials and the resulting errors in print. The Printing House is not responsible for uploaded image files to the system. The Printing House does not archive files. Sent files are deleted after 30 days from the date of deliver to the Printing House. Thus MDRUK not responsible for: printing of work incorrectly prepared in terms of content; printing of works technically incorrectly prepared; printing of work submitted by the Customer, containing technical or content errors. Execution of the order The execution of the order starts when the written approval/ confirmation by e-mail of sample prints/ preview on the FTP server by the Orderer or an authorized person. The Orderer or the authorized person are able to submit amendments to the sample prints. The condition of the execution of the order is to provide documents and the data listed in Section II.3 by the Orderer. The term of the execution of the order is calculated (in working days) from the date of approval to print the complete materials. The Printing House is not responsible for delays caused by the fault of the Orderer (no acceptance of sample prints, failure to timely deliver of materials or required documents). Offered price for the order is the net price, the Polish zloty and the VAT rate. The price is valid at the time of the Customer's order. Payments and invoices Payments can be made as follows: by cash on personal collect, by the transfer to MDRUK bank account, by credit card or bank transfer through the service "". Transfer or payment by credit card is available for all orders performed ??by MDRUK regardless of the value. In the event of failure of payment deadline, the Orderer will pay the Printing House the interest at four times the rate of lombard loan of the Polish National Bank. Pro-forma invoices are sent upon the phone request to the Customer’s Service Office: phone 0048 22/614 17 67 or by e-mail: Delivery Order delivery forms are as following: the Printing House own transport, courier the Polish Post, the Orderer’s personal collect. Delivery cost: No fees are charged for collecting goods directly from the Printing House, during working hours. In the case of transport to the Orderer (own transport, courier or the Polish Post) the cost of transport is added to the price of the order. The Printing House is not responsible for the quantity of product ordered and delivered to the customer provided that it is within the range of +/- 3% of the quantity ordered. Terms and conditions of complaints Complaints and other notes may be submitted by the ordering Customer. Complaints should be submitted in writing: reklamacje@mdruk.comor or by fax 0048 22/811 21 40 The complain document always contains the order number, which is the subject of the complaint. Each complaint should contain a detailed description of non-compliance. Damaged or non-complied products are subjected to complaints. Failures of the part of the order shall not reserve the Customer the right to claim the entire delivery. Each complaint reported by the Customer shall be considered individually. A complaint may be made ??up to 7 calendar days after delivery. After this time, the complaint shall not be considered. Complaints are accepted on working days to 16:00. Complaints about the quality of courier shall be considered only after submission of documents for the damage. In the case a visible damage or partial loss of goods upon receipt are stated, the fact must be noted on the delivery statement immediately after receipt of the goods and a damage protocol must be drawn up in the presence of the courier. Complaints are submitted in writing within 5 calendar days from the date of acceptance of the shipment. In the case of delivery damage, the Orderer is obliged to making the damage to the Printing House available until the complaint procedure is finished. Not-making complaint within 5 calendar days from the date of delivery taking over without complaints shall expire the claim. In the case of delay in delivery, the Orderer must note the fact on the shipping document in the presence of the courier. It is required to provide the date and time of delivery and the reason for the delay (as stated by the representative of the courier company). In the case of a documented refusal of a delivery acceptance by the Orderer, the parcel is returned to the Printing House at the expense of the Orderer. The parcel, which was not delivered to the destination indicated on the consignment within 30 days after the expected date of the service, is considered to be lost. Complaints for non-performance or improper performance of the contract for the provision of services and additional services can be made to the courier company only by the Printing House. Complaints should be submitted in writing within 7 days. Final Provisions. The provisions of these Regulations shall be the integral part of the contract, signing constitutes acceptance of the Regulations The assignment of the claim by the Orderer requires written permission of the Printing House. All disputes not covered in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Polish law.


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